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Back to Auckland!

Now we came back to Auckland once again!
We are currently staying in a hostfamily in the Glendowie district, which is maybe 30 minutes away from Central Auckland, but it's a very nice district with a lot of beaches!
What we are basically trying is 1. to sell our car ( which turned out to be a lot more difficult that we had thought before...) and 2. to find a job... Unfortunately we have not had any success with both of that issues so far
But nevertheless we have done some nice things during the last week : On Saturday evening we went to a Rugby game with our homestay's two other guest and it was an awesome evening!!!  (...although we didn't really understand the rules of the game  ) (New Zealand "Bratwurst"  )


Reglan <3

We’ve been told that Reglan was such a beautiful coastal region, so we decided to use our left day on the road for a visit there
We pretty much just hang around at the beach ;)


Hamilton <3

Our next stop was Hamilton! We actually really liked it! – we went to Hamilton Gardens, which are rated one of the Top 10 Gardens in the whole world!! :) The special thing about them is, that the gardes are structured into certain topics as for ecample ‚Italian Renaissance Garden‘, ‚Modern American Garden‘, ‚Chinese Garden‘, ‚Self sufficient vegetable Garden‘,……


New Plamouth <3

Unfortunately we had to leave the farm at some point because we wanted to drive to Auckland in order to sell our car and also to find a job!! So we had 3 nights and days ‚on the road‘ in our van again  We first visited New Plymouth again to see at least one of ist beautiful parks: Pukekura Park! Afterwards we actually wanted to go see the ‚Three Sisters and the Elefant‘ which is a rock formation - but you can only reach it at loow tide and for sure it was high tide ;) Our ‚Three Sisters and the Elefant‘ looked like that:


Avonstour Farm :)

...just some more impressions of Avnstour Farm!
 ( piglets  )  (cut and pack meat  )  (puppies  )    (our self made cookies  )  (custard with fruits  )   (donkey milking )    (


Wwoof at Avonstour Farm near Stratford <3

 Right now we are Wwoofing again - but this time on a real farm with lots of animals! It's an fuly organic certified farm and they maily live from selling meat!


We really love it here!!! Lachend John (the owner of the farm) and his daughter Ila are really nice and we are not the only wwoofers at the moment - there is also Audrey, who is already 38 (seems like 22 tho Zwinkernd) and she stays here in order to learn more about self sufficient and farm life! Lachend

We mainly pick up grass and apples for the pigs, help cooking, ... Cool As everything is a little chaotic here, we are always trying to keep it a bit tidy ;) ...and we also plastered a water tank already!!! ;)

PS: They have little baby puppies here <3

PPS: This is the place where we sleep ;)

PPPS: Sometimes there's awesome views on Mt Taranaki!!!

PPPPS: The farm is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere and directly on the Forgotten World Highway ;)


New Plymouth <3

From Whanganui we drove to New Plymouth! It is a great city right by the sea in the Taranaki Reagion! Lächelnd The landscape is dominated by Mt Taranaki which lies in the centre of hilly country sides - it is a volcanoe which unfortunately hides a lot behind thick clods so you wouldn't even think there is a mountain ;)

We pretty much spent the day walking down the main roads and getting some bookings and stuff fixed in the Puke Ariki - which is library, i-site and museum all in one :)

In the evening we decided to drive down the 'Surfer Highway' -> you most of time drive directly at the coast and you can stop several times to see beautiful beaches which are perfect for surfing!



Whanganui <3

      When we arrived back in Wellington, we went straight up on the western side of the Northisland! We looked at some beaches on the way for example in Waikanae, and then went on to Whanganui, a beautiful city which is located on both sides of the Whanganui River Lächelnd

We spent the day walking through the main Streets and we also went to the Memorial tower, where you have an awesome view over the town!

...for the night we found a great campground at Waiinu BeachLachend


Picton <3

...once again we came to Picton to catch our ferry back to the Northisland Lachend
This time we were much luckier with the weather so could just spend our last day on the South Island at the waterfront and in the library there :)


Blenheim <3

So sorry we haven't updated for so long!
From Christchurch and Kaikura we continued to Blenheim, which is only 20km away from the Interislander Ferry to Wellington! There's not a lot to tell about it tho Zwinkernd

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